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PRESTO Digital Enterprise by TOPP Tactical Intelligence is the all-in-one business platform giving your leadership team real-time, top-down visibility to the information they need to accelerate decision making while taking your company to its next growth destination. Prevision Ireland is a proud Platinum Partner for the supply of PRESTO Digital Enterprise.


Strategy Deployment

Put structure into your strategy deployment program, set expectations with precision and install a genuine sense of ownership, at all levels of your company with PRESTO Digital Enterprise.

Give your organisation the performance-oriented solution offering 360° visibility into your mission statement, the vision of senior management and the supporting initiatives and performance indicators driving your day-to-day business

Creative Working

Talent Enrichment

Many companies still use the annual performance review as their primary means to set expectations and measure employee contribution, compromising their chances of true engagement from the start.


Accelerate the growth of your staff by capitalising on their complementary skill sets to eliminate knowledge gaps, increase performance and create a genuine sense of purpose

Marketing team meeting

Change Management 

Capitalise on opportunities and communicate effectively while transforming your organisation. Promote a sense of ownership and urgency. Actively manage variance and uncertainty.


Offering multiple dashboards, project status & costing reports, as well as graphic reporting, your Senior Managers will have the visibility they need see project risk as it is escalated in real time

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